Perfumer’s Portrait: Carlos Benaim, Capturing Invisible Connections

Perfumer's Portrait: Carlos Benaim, Capturing Invisible Connections

Carlos Benaim is a perfumer whose passion for fragrances was kindled early on in life. Growing up in Tangiers, influenced by his father’s work as a pharmacist, he developed an interest in perfumery. Later, he pursued chemical engineering education and began his career as a perfumer, where he made a significant impact on the fragrance industry.

The Art of Simplicity

Benaim’s compositions are imaginative yet harmonious. He believes that simplicity is essential for any artist or perfumer, which is reflected in his work. Benaim has a knack for infusing his perfumes with invisible connections that make them stand out. His ability to create an olfactory symphony that captures the essence of life has elevated him to the status of a master perfumer.

A Career Full of Accolades

Benaim’s contributions to the industry did not go unnoticed. He has worked for several leading fragrance houses and created fragrances for fashion and beauty brands, including Armani, Calvin Klein, Givenchy, and Yves Saint Laurent. In 2013, Benaim was designated Master Perfumer, a first for IFF. He has been awarded several accolades over the years, including the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Society of Perfumers in 2004 and the Perfumer of the Year Lifetime Achievement award from the Fragrance Foundation in 2014.

A Tribute to Giving Back

Apart from his illustrious career in the fragrance industry, Benaim is also passionately involved in charitable causes. He has been working with the International Sephardic Education Foundation (ISEF) for over two decades, serving as Chairman and eventually becoming President in 2017. Benaim and his wife, Dr. Darel M. Benaim, have established an endowment fund in ISEF to underwrite scholarships for advanced professional studies at Ben-Gurion University.

Carlos Benaim’s passion for fragrances that runs deep and embodies his life’s work has transformed the industry. His ability to create unique fragrances that embody simplicity yet capture the invisible connections in our lives is remarkable. His efforts to give back to society show the quality of the person he is. Indubitably, Carlos Benaim is one of the key players in the fragrance industry and has left his mark on the industry as a true legend.

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