This Is What Your Skincare Regime Should Look Like at Every Age


Sure, your twenty-something skin is unlikely to need an overly intensive routine, but it’ll pay off in the years to come if you start to invest in your complexion now. 

Hero ingredients

• Hyaluronic Acid – Draws moisture into the skin to keep your complexion looking plump and dewy

• SPF – UV rays are responsible for 80% of visible skin ageing, so daily sun protection is essential 

• Niacinamide – Ideal for blemish-prone skin, this one will control excess oils to help you get a handle on uninvited breakouts

Your ideal skincare routine

As adult acne is common for twenty-somethings, you can get away with a pared back, but non-clogging routine. 

Daily: In the AM, start with a cleanser, follow up with a hydrating moisturiser and top off with SPF protection – this is the bare minimum you should do each day. For the evening, take the time to thoroughly cleanse, removing every trace of makeup and daily grime without stripping your skin of essential oils – a balm or oil cleanser is ideal here. To help make the most of your beauty sleep, finish with a hydrating night cream.

Weekly: To continue collagen and cell renewal, make sure to exfoliate with a chemical or physical exfoliator 1-3 times a week. A regular face mask session can also work wonders. Do a little homework and pick one that’s suitable for your skin type, whether you want to reduce breakouts, boost hydration or dial up your glow.

For top marks: Introduce fine line-busting Retinol in your late 20’s – this skilful multi-tasker will help your skin hold onto its natural collagen levels, boost cell turnover and improve texture. Trust us, your 30+ self will thank you.


Now’s the time when your hormone levels start to decrease and cell turnover slows down, so your natural collagen and elastin levels drop. Translation: your skin has less bounce and fine lines start to creep in. If you’ve been slacking up to this point, now’s the time to fine tune your skincare and establish a consistent routine.

Hero ingredients:

• Vitamin C – Protecting your skin from free radicals, one of the main contributors to early skin ageing, it’s a proven glow-giver

• Retinol – If you haven’t already tried this powerhouse ingredient, your 30s is a great time to start as it will help rev up your collagen levels

• Glycolic Acid – Dissolves dead skin cells to instantly refresh and brighten tired-looking skin

Your ideal skincare routine

Daily: On top of the basic cleanse, moisturise, SPF steps, introduce a toner to firm skin texture, minimise the look of pores and prevent congestion. Get diligent about using eye cream, morning and night, as the skin is thinnest here it’s one of the first places to show signs of ageing. To take your PM routine up a gear, apply a hydrating oil or serum and let it absorb before locking in with your night cream. It’s a small extra step that will make the world of difference to your skin’s health.

Weekly: Continue to exfoliate regularly. Once a week, swap out your night cream for 15 minutes with an intensive sheet mask. Make sure to massage in any excess serum once removed, letting your skin soak up every last drop.

For top marks: Apply an at-home peel twice weekly. The combination of exfoliating acids will help refine skin texture and boost cell renewal for a facial-worthy glow.


As skin becomes thinner with less elasticity and lower collagen levels, up the ante with powerful antioxidants and plumping skincare.

Hero ingredients:

• Peptides – Help to rebuild your skin’s natural proteins, boosting your collagen and elastin levels

• Essential oils – As your skin loses its ability to hold onto moisture, essential-oil packed treatments become more vital. Look for Marula, Rosehip, Chamomile and Passionfruit on the ingredients list

• Retinol – Improves skin elasticity, firmness and fine lines, reduces pigmentation, refines skin texture, regulates overproduction of oil *and* smooths the look of pores. Impressive, no?

Your ideal skincare routine

Daily: Use a hydrating cleanser twice a day – it’s important not to strip your skin’s natural oils, so look for a cream or milk consistency for a gentle yet thorough cleanse. As your skin starts to produce less sebum, follow up with an antioxidant-rich serum in the morning to ward off those harmful free radicals throughout the day. As always, never leave the house without some sort of SPF protection. After cleansing in the evening, apply your serum, alternating between a hydrating essential oil and revitalising Retinol – this will help prevent any Vitamin A-related irritation. Finish with a skin nourishing night cream that’s packed with nutrients to boost cell repair while you slumber.

Weekly: Keep up with bi-weekly exfoliation, but ditch the physical scrubs – as your skin becomes thinner, these can be too abrasive, causing redness and irritation. Instead, try an acid-based exfoliator to boost circulation and dial up your natural glow.  

For top marks: Give yourself a regular facial massage using hydrating oils and a roller tool. According to expert facialist Sarah Chapman, working frequent massage sessions into your skincare routine will deliver welcome cumulative results. ‘Regular use brightens, tightens, drains toxins and reduces puffiness by boosting the supply of vital nutrients and oxygen to your skin, giving you that immediate, fresh glow.’


Yep, this is the age when gravity catches up with you – as your skin elasticity levels further degrade, you’ll see side effects like sagging, loose skin and smile lines. Add to that, skin loses around 30% of its collagen during the first five years of menopause, so your skincare routine should be centred around re-building volume.

Hero ingredients:

• Ceramides – Key for maintaining long-term hydration and strengthening the skin’s surface against environmental stressors

• Antioxidants – In particular, Vitamins C and E. Protects skin from environmental damages while smoothing and brightening for a radiant visage

• Retinol – Got the hint yet? By now, Retinol should be a firm fixture in your PM routine

Your ideal skincare routine

Daily: Cleanse morning and night with a hydrating balm or oil-based cleanser, follow with a facial oil, ceramide-rich moisturiser and of course, SPF. If your skin can tolerate it, increase your Retinol use to every evening and consider using a higher strength. Press a few drops of face oil into your face and neck then seal in with a collagen-boosting night cream.

Weekly: Boost radiance with a mild, enzyme-laced exfoliant. Used once or twice a week, it’ll keep dead skin cells from building up and stealing your glow.

For top marks: Don’t forget your neck. The skin here is particularly thin and lacks oil glands, so apply a generous dose of moisturiser or night cream to counteract dryness and sagging.


As oestrogen levels drop, all those skin changes that started in your 50’s will continue, but at a more noticeable rate. Top skincare concerns during these years include sagging, coarser skin with increased discolouration, lines and a lack of moisture.

Hero ingredients:

• Azelaic Acid – Comes top of the class when it comes to fading pigmentation and dark spots

• Hyaluronic Acid – Besides tackling dehydrated skin, it’ll strengthen the epidermal barriers and support collagen production for a plumper complexion

• Retinol – Yep, keep this one in your nightly rotation

Your ideal skincare routine

Daily: Once again, hydration is key. To reduce moisture loss and protect the integrity of your skin barrier, use a gentle cleanser once or twice a day. After patting in your antioxidant face oil, follow with a high quality, oil-rich cream to boost skin’s elasticity and suppleness – this will help soften fine lines and erase any dry patches. Use your Retinol treatment nightly, then your facial oil, and finish with a really nourishing night cream to help maintain the skin’s barrier function.

Weekly: Try an intensive hydrating mask – infused with anti-inflammatory ingredients, it’ll leave skin looking plumper and more radiant in a matter of minutes.

For top marks: Your hands can be a big indicator of age – minimise dryness, skin thinning and dark spots with a super nourishing hand cream packed with clever ingredients dedicated to putting things right.

SOURCE: Feelunique

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