Notes on Notes: In Conversation With Master Perfumer Kilian Hennessy [VIDEO]

Interviewed by regional influencers and sisters Reem and Natalya Kanj, Hennessy reveals his thoughtful regard for the details. The Kanj sisters, who are intimately acquainted with his products, use the rare sit-down opportunity to pick his brain about everything from the packaging to the “right” way to wear perfume.

In the illuminating interview, Hennessy discusses his new Klimt-inspired collection, how he honed his craft by learning about mood boards from Alexander McQueen, and the future launch of his scented jewelry collection. He also addresses the perfume layering trend, walks the Kanj sisters through every element of his brilliant reusable packaging, and makes a convincing case that fragrance really is an art form, and he is the master artiste.

With fashion, we turn ourselves into walking works of art, choosing adornments and designs that reflect our passions, interests, and interior lives. But there is one thing you put on every day that you might have never considered to be part of the equation before. Kilian Hennessy, one of the world’s foremost perfumers and founder of By Kilian, argues that fragrance can also be an art form.

Descended from the family that brought the world the Hennessy brand – established in 1765 – his predecessors should be congratulated for creating one of the finest noses in the land. Hennessy’s acumen touches every aspect of fragrance design, from the packaging and look to its everyday usability. As a pioneering perfumer, Hennessy has rethought everything about fragrance, and aims to create long-lasting, beautiful objects that are refillable so that you can keep using them for a lifetime.

SOURCE: Savoir Flair

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