All You Need to Know About Shopping for Fragrance Online

All You Need To Know About Shopping For Fragrance Online???? All you need to know, so you are informed, attentive and vigilant in your personal online-fragrance-shopping journey.

When shopping for perfume things can be dubious. Fragrance is so personal that even if you get a glowing recommendation from someone, when it gets on your skin, it may end up not suiting your taste. And if you want to bypass mainstream fragrances for niche ones, if you’re not in a big city it can be difficult to find a place where you can test the fragrance first.

“The thing everyone should remember about scent is, it says more about you than anything else you wear or say… you can never forget a scent. It’s like that, you will always be reminded of it.” – Roja Dove

This is where the internet comes in. Not only can you order pretty much any fragrance online these days (even rare or discontinued ones), you can also find plenty of affordable samples and indie fragrance lines. But shopping online can be tricky, too. To state the obvious, because you can’t smell the scent. But once you get over that, your options are endless. There is so much out there, though, it can be difficult to know where to start, what to look for, and who to trust.

This is where we come in. The Agoratopia team points all you need to know, so you are informed, attentive and vigilant in your personal online-fragrance-shopping journey.

Get to know your fragrance basics

Before you even think about ordering a perfume, you should take a moment to familiarize yourself with basic fragrance terminology and categories. There’s no need to overwhelm yourself with in-depth research on aldehydes or chypre (unless you’re interested in that!). Instead, we’ll help you brush up on the most common terms used to describe a fragrance’s performance: sillage (pronounced see-yahz) and longevity.

Find out all perfume basics at Agoratopia’s The Perfume Handbook and Glossary of Perfume Terms

Start perfume sampling

Whether you have a fairly good idea of what kind of fragrance you like or you don’t even know where to start, the best thing to do is try out a variety of samples. Trying sample sizes is a fantastic way to discover your new favorite scents. You can experience any number of fragrances, at a fraction of the cost of a full bottle, before you buy.

You can buy samples of almost any fragrance you can think of from several trusted sites. If you have a certain fragrance in mind, you could also check the brand’s website to see if you can purchase a sample from them directly. Agoratopia also offers sample options, and sometimes free ones with a purchase.

Explore our fragrance collection and you will find most of our fragrances sample version or buy a Discovery Box Collection available by most brands. Start perfume sampling today and discover the world of fragrance samples you never knew existed.

Shop at reputable sites

Once you find a fragrance you love and want to commit to, make sure to purchase it from a reputed site. When purchasing expensive perfume, you’ll want to know that you’re buying the real deal. Imitation perfumes are easily manufactured but don’t have the same quality or scent as the authentic perfume, so you don’t want to waste money on them. Most counterfeit perfume purchases can be avoided by going to a reputable seller. 

Agoratopia is an official department store and partners directly with top brands and only sells 100% authentic fragrances.

Pay attention to the perfume descriptions

As it turns out, those descriptions of perfumes on websites are definitely not bogus. Fragrances should actually be described with something that evokes some kind of emotion. That way, you’ll get an understanding of whether or not that type of scent matches your personality and lifestyle.

If you’re bright and sunny, you’re not going to want something heavy and overpowering. So look for descriptions that really appeal to you and sound like they match both your personality and lifestyle.

Discover who the perfumer is

“If you’re buying an unfamiliar fragrance, it’s always worth finding out the identity of the perfumer who created it. Like authors, painters or actors, the great ‘noses’ [each has his or her] individual, very distinctive style and signature.”

If you have enjoyed one of Jean-Claude Ellena’s creations –like Terre d’Hermès– for example, you may well like his other creations. Worth checking out our Perfumers Directory, which lists the name of a fragrance’s creator against a list of its key notes. Or you could simply Google these famous fragrance names to see their olfactory CVs.

Check out niche brands

If you want a signature scent that not many people will have, consider checking out some niche brands. Experiencing fragrance is deeply personal, and boring department store scents just don’t offer the intense sensory connection you can get from a more uncommon fragrance. That’s where niche fragrances come in. Basically, if you don’t want to smell like everybody else, niche fragrances are the way to go.

Niche fragrances can be as classic and comforting or as unusual and thought-provoking as you desire. For example, Maison Francis Kurkdjian creates ultra-wearable, effortless blends. On the other end of the spectrum, Nasomatto and Orto Parisi push the boundaries of traditional perfume with astounding results. The Different Company offers modern French luxury fragrance with enticing yet elusive notes. Inspiration comes in all forms when it comes to creating niche fragrances. No matter what type of aroma you’re drawn to, there’s a niche scent for you.

Don’t let price alone determine you choice

Apart from staying within your budget, don’t make a decision based on price alone. A high price depends on the perfume’s concentration, raw materials used and its packaging. A low price doesn’t necessarily mean the fragrance will be good as well; and not all expensive fragrances are good either. So, as mentioned above get to know your fragrance basics and do some perfume sampling for an informed decision and a value-for-money purchase.


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