Alber Elbaz: New Good Luck Charm

When perfumer Frédéric Malle posted an Instagram photo of a pair of glasses next to sample bottles of his new fragrance, it didn’t take long for his legions of fans to realize his latest collaborator is fashion designer Alber Elbaz. After all, the master of elegantly draped cocktail dresses is rarely seen without his cherubic smile and signature horn-rimmed glasses.

The designer confirmed the partnership on Monday during a special ceremony in which he was named an officer in the Légion D’Honneur in Paris. The scent, set to be launched in March 2017, marks the second fragrance Malle has created in collaboration with a fashion designer. He previously partnered with Dries Van Noten three years ago to concoct a swoon-worthy French-vanilla scent.

Instagram post: We have spent the last year working in secret on our second-ever designer collaboration, to be announced on Monday in Paris (02/10/2016).

The partnership marks Elbaz’s return to the spotlight since his abrupt exit from Lanvin last year. (He served as the artistic director of the historic French fashion house for 14 years.) Though not a fashion comeback per se, Elbaz’s latest project—named Superstitious—draws upon the designer’s dresses as one of its inspirations. “I have always admired Alber for making the woman who wears his clothes appear even more beautiful. It is all about them and not about himself,” Malle said in a statement. “Like Alber’s dresses, Superstitious elevates the woman that wears it. It empowers them.”

“The word ‘superstitious’ was the starting point of it all, something we agreed upon immediately. We are both superstitious.”

Elbaz is widely known for his belief in superstitions—he never places his bag on the floor in fear that he’ll lose money, according to the New York Times. “The word ‘superstitious’ was the starting point of it all, something we agreed upon immediately. We are both superstitious,” he said.

A note from Alber Elbaz to Frédéric Malle.

The designer is no stranger to collaborations, having racked up a string of successful partnerships with brands including Acne, H&M, and Lancôme. Though there isn’t a description of the scent yet, as luck would have it, guests at the ceremony got to experience a special preview of the fragrance. Consider this fragrance the closest thing to liquid luck. 

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