Set Sail on a Mythical Voyage with Liquides Imaginaires’ Eaux des Bermudes

Set Sail on a Mythical Voyage with Liquides Imaginaires' Eaux des Bermudes

LIQUIDES IMAGINAIRES whisks you away on an olfactory adventure unlike any other with their captivating new collection, Eaux des Bermudes. This trio of fragrances – Sirenis, Navis, and Abyssis – draws inspiration from legendary seafaring tales and mythical creatures, transporting you to a world of ocean exploration, mystery, and untamed power.

Eaux des Bermudes: A Celebration of Seafaring Legends

The collection is a love letter to classic seafaring narratives, from Odysseus’ epic journey to the fantastical world of Shakespeare’s Prospero. Each fragrance goes beyond the thrill of discovery, capturing the inherent dangers and captivating mysteries that lurk beneath the waves. Imagine a seasoned adventurer, forever marked by a harrowing escape from the Bermuda Triangle, translating his experiences into a mesmerizing olfactory saga.

Sirenis: A Siren’s Enchanting Song

The first fragrance, Sirenis, embodies the mesmerizing power of the mythical Siren. Created by perfumers Sonia Constant and Marion Costero, Sirenis is a marine, floral, and musky fragrance that captures the creature’s irresistible allure. Imagine being transported to a sun-drenched archipelago, where the Siren’s song carries on the salty breeze like an irresistible perfume. Bergamot, clary sage, and cardamom give way to a heart of transparent flower, genet, and sandalwood, creating a beautiful and otherworldly aura. Amber, musk, patchouli, moss, and vetiver in the base add depth and intrigue, leaving you to decide whether to resist or surrender to the Siren’s call.

Navis: A Ship for Dreamers

Navis, crafted by perfumer Nadège Le Garlantezec, is a marine, floral, and musky fragrance that embodies the spirit of exploration. Imagine a sturdy wooden ship, its hull weathered by salty waves and infused with the essence of faraway voyages. A burst of pink peppercorn, grapefruit, and bergamot in the top notes evokes the thrill of setting sail on open waters. The heart unfolds with laminaria and algue, capturing the salty freshness of the sea. Oakmoss, amyris, and cedarwood in the base represent the ship itself, a testament to the enduring spirit of adventurers. Navis is an olfactory journey, an invitation to set sail and discover uncharted territories.

Abyssis: Unleashing the Power of the Deep

The final fragrance, Abyssis, takes you on a descent into the unknown depths. Shyamala Maisondieu, the perfumer behind Abyssis, crafts a marine, woody, and animalistic fragrance inspired by legendary sea monsters. Imagine the colossal Kraken, rising from the abyss with its powerful tentacles. Abyssis opens with calypsone and black and white pepper, a hint of spice against the vastness of the ocean. Cedarwood, ambrofix, and sandalwood in the heart create a sense of mystery and power. Finally, styrax and cosmone in the base evoke the raw, untamed essence of the deep sea. Abyssis is a fragrance for those who dare to confront their fears and explore the ocean’s hidden depths.

A Collection for the Adventurous Soul

Eaux des Bermudes is a collection that speaks to the adventurous spirit within us all. Whether you yearn for the seductive song of the Siren, the thrill of open seas, or the raw power of the ocean depths, this collection offers a unique olfactory adventure. With its evocative storytelling and captivating scents, Eaux des Bermudes is an invitation to lose yourself in the magic and mystery of the sea.