Liquides Imaginaires: A Golden Reunion and a Fragrant Prophecy

Liquides Imaginaires: A Golden Reunion and a Fragrant Prophecy

LIQUIDES IMAGINAIRES welcomes back a fan favorite – Liquide – to its permanent collection. This radiant fragrance, previously a limited edition, returns bathed in its signature golden flacon. The launch marks the beginning of a new chapter for the house: the Alchemical Trilogy.

The London launch party at Jovoy Mayfair was an unforgettable event. Guests were treated to a unique experience, enjoying not just the fragrance itself but also its edible counterpart – macarons! Philippe di Meo, the brand’s creator, envisions LIQUIDES IMAGINAIRES as a bridge to the divine, a way to connect with the spiritual through scent. He playfully suggests that sometimes, the fragrance chooses you, not the other way around.

The Magic of Tarot and Unexpected Matches

Di Meo offered personalized tarot readings using a custom deck aligned with the LIQUIDES IMAGINAIRES collections. The readings, delivered with warmth and surprising accuracy, resulted in some unexpected pairings. For instance, the author, Bello Rabelo, was matched with Bello Rabelo, despite disliking boats (the fragrance’s namesake) and rarely drinking (it opens with a wine note). The fragrance’s surprising evolution, with hints of tobacco and a Christmassy vibe, further underscored the unpredictable nature of the selection.

Liquide: A Sun- Kissed Fragrance

The tarot card representing Liquide is, unsurprisingly, the Sun. However, this translates into a light and airy fragrance, far from the heavy scents one might expect. Imagine sunlight itself, a transparently spicy vapor, carrying precious liquid metal skyward. Saffron, the king of spices, takes center stage, not with its usual leathery boldness, but rendered weightless and pure. It blends seamlessly with labdanum, creating a warmth that evokes a gentle sunset.

A Masterful Olfactory Alchemy

Despite containing ambroxan, a note often associated with heaviness, Liquide remains surprisingly light. The labdanum is soft and avoids the typical sticky quality. Perfumers Nisrine Grilli and Quentin Bisch have achieved a remarkable feat of translating pure warmth into a sheer, hazy fragrance. While not the fragrance chosen by tarot, Liquide is one the author would happily wear.

A Look Ahead: The Alchemical Trilogy

Di Meo offered a glimpse into the future of the Alchemical Trilogy. The next chapter will draw inspiration from the Moon, leaving the identity of the third and final fragrance a mystery. The author playfully guesses the Star, completing the celestial theme, but only time will tell what awaits in the final chapter of this olfactory adventure.