Roja Parfums’ Essence de Parfum Collection: Elevating Your Scent Game

Roja Parfums' Essence de Parfum Collection: Elevating Your Scent Game

Roja Dove, the master perfumer and founder of Roja Parfums, has unveiled the brand’s latest scent collection: Essence de Parfum. This innovative fragrance concentration is designed to strike a balance between the freshness of an Eau de Toilette and the lasting power of an Eau de Parfum.

Introducing Roja Parfums’ New Essence de Parfum Collection

Roja Parfums’ Essence de Parfum Collection is a game-changer in the world of perfumes. For those who appreciate a refreshing scent that lasts all day, this collection is bound to impress. Thanks to Roja Dove’s masterful craftsmanship, the fragrances in this collection maintain their distinctive freshness on the skin for extended periods.

As with all Roja Parfums, the Essence de Parfum Collection caters to all types of moods and occasions. From the bold and daring Danger Pour Femme to the sensual and mysterious Enigma Pour Femme, this collection is an ode to the diverse personalities of women.

Exploring the Essence de Parfum Concentration

The Essence de Parfum concentration is a new and unique addition to the Roja Parfums family. Unlike traditional perfumes, the top and head notes in these fragrances are carefully formulated to enhance the refreshing qualities of the scent. The base is designed to be long-lasting, giving the scent a sensual and seductive fragrance that lingers in the air.

This unique combination truly sets Essence de Parfum apart from other concentration types. It offers a light-hearted freshness reminiscent of an Eau de Toilette while also providing a long-lasting fragrance similar to an Eau de Parfum.

A Closer Look at the Collection

Scandal Pour Femme Essence de Parfum: A daring and irresistible scent, with sweet and succulent fruits as the top notes, balanced by a sensual and addictive base.

  1. Risqué Pour Femme Essence de Parfum: A bewitching fragrance with a rich floral heart, combined with a warm, oriental base, giving it a luxurious feel.
  2. Reckless Pour Femme Essence de Parfum: A rebellious scent that is both daring and unapologetic. With notes of citrus and musk, Reckless is a playful yet seductive fragrance.
  3. Enigma Pour Femme Essence de Parfum: A mysterious and elusive scent that arouses the senses and captivates the mind. Sultry and enticing, it is perfect for those who love to keep their secrets.
  4. Danger Pour Femme Essence de Parfum: A bold and daring fragrance, with spicy and floral notes that embody the essence of a fearless woman.
  5. 51 Pour Femme Essence de Parfum: A bright and effervescent scent, with fruity and fresh notes. It is perfect for everyday wear, offering a subtle yet captivating fragrance.
  6. Elixir Pour Femme Essence de Parfum: A rich and opulent scent, with notes of oud and jasmine, blended with vanilla and musk, creating a fragrance that is both intense and alluring.

Experience the stunning new collection of Roja Parfums’ Essence de Parfum and discover the perfect scent that matches your personality.

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