Raise a Glass to Kilian Paris’ Liquors Collection Fragrances

Raise a Glass to Kilian Paris' Liquors Collection Fragrances

Looking for luxurious fragrances that evoke the indulgence of cocktails and the art of mixology? Look no further than Kilian Paris’ Liquors Collection. These fragrances are the perfect blend of sophistication and indulgence, taking your fragrance collection to the next level.

The Inspiration behind the Liquors Collection

Kilian Paris’ Liquors Collection is inspired by the complexity of alcohol and mixology. Founder Kilian Hennessy’s extensive knowledge of the liquor industry and his family’s history as cognac makers have been turned into these unique scents, designed to be both sophisticated and complex.

The collection consists of five unique fragrances, each with its personality and charm. From the opulence of Angels’ Share to the refreshing Roses On Ice, each fragrance is designed to transport you to a world of indulgence and elegance.

A Closer Look at the Collection

Let’s dive into each of the five fragrances in the Liquors Collection.

  • Angels’ Share Eau de Parfum is a woody and luxurious scent that takes inspiration from the Hennessy Paradis cognac. The notes of cognac, oakwood, and cinnamon combine to produce a rich and opulent fragrance.
  • Roses On Ice Eau de Parfum is a refreshing twist on the classic rose scent. It has a cool finish thanks to notes of raspberry, lychee, and mint. The result is a fragrance that’s perfect for those warm summer evenings.
  • Apple Brandy on the Rocks Eau de Parfum is the perfect balance of sweet and spicy. The fragrance is a blend of gingerbread, vanilla, and apple brandy. It’s a fragrance that’s perfect for those who are looking for a scent that’s both warm and sexy.
  • L’Heure Verte Eau de Parfum is a complex and sophisticated scent that takes inspiration from absinthe and the “Green Fairy.” The fragrance features notes of wormwood, angelica, and anise to produce a unique fragrance that’s perfect for those who appreciate the complexity of scent.
  • Blue Moon Ginger Dash Eau de Parfum is a limited edition fragrance inspired by the classic Blue Moon cocktail. Ginger, lime, and juniper combine to produce a fresh and invigorating fragrance that’s perfect for both men and women.

The Luxurious Bottle of the Liquors Collection

The bottle of Kilian Paris’ Liquors Collection perfumes is as luxurious as the scents inside. The art deco-inspired glasses are reminiscent of a speakeasy, and the weighted glass is engraved with the iconic K motif. The golden diamond-shaped plaque signed in white serigraphy adds the perfect final touch to these stunning bottles.

These luxurious details guarantee lasting quality that should last a lifetime. Moreover, these perfumes are refillable, making them a sustainable and long-lasting addition to your fragrance collection.

Kilian Paris’ Liquors Collection is the perfect fragrance collection for those who appreciate the art of mixology. The unique blend of scents are both sophisticated and indulgent, and each fragrance will transport you to a world of elegance and luxury.

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