Le Rouge Parfum (2019) by Kilian Paris: The Lipstick Collection with a Fragrant Twist

Le Rouge Parfum (2019) by Kilian Paris: The Lipstick Collection with a Fragrant Twist

If you’re a fan of luxury, niche fragrance brand By Kilian, you’re in for a treat. The brand has recently launched its first make-up collection – Le Rouge Parfum. This collection features six shades of stunning red lipsticks that are available in both matte and satin finishes. But what sets these lipsticks apart is the incredible scent that they’re infused with. In this blog post, we’ll dive into Le Rouge Parfum’s genius concept and explore everything that makes these lipsticks alluring.

Meet the Creator: Kilian Hennessy

Before we dive into Le Rouge Parfum, we have to give credit where credit is due. Kilian Hennessy, the founder, and creative director of By Kilian is the mastermind behind the collection. You might be wondering why a fragrance brand ventured into the makeup industry, and the answer lies with Kilian. He’s always been fascinated by the art of perfumery and has a deep admiration for red lipstick. So, he combined his two loves to create Le Rouge Parfum.

Smell that?

Have you ever applied your lipstick and wished it could have a more pleasant scent? It seems like By Killian read our minds because that’s exactly what Le Rouge Parfum offers. Each lipstick shade has a unique scent that’s inspired by some of By Kilian’s iconic perfumes. So, not only do you get to wear a statement red lip, but you also get to enjoy fragrance without having to apply it separately.

A Little Bit of Everything

One of the best things about Le Rouge Parfum is its wide range of shades. The collection features six shades of red that are highly pigmented and designed to complement all skin tones. Each shade represents a different mood, personality, and occasion. From a vibrant and bold red to a sultry, deep red, the collection has something for everyone.

Make it Last

The last thing you want to deal with is constant lipstick touch-ups, but that’s not a problem with Le Rouge Parfum. The lipsticks boast a long-lasting formula that will have your pout looking perfect for hours. The formula includes natural waxes and oils that nourish and hydrate your lips while also providing a transfer-resistant finish.

Le Rouge Parfum: A Game-Changing Lipstick Collection

There are countless lipstick collections out there, but Le Rouge Parfum is incomparable. With its unique fusion of fragrance and beauty, the collection’s scented lipsticks elevate your lipstick game. The collection features six shades that all complement all skin tones, and the formula provides a long-lasting finish. Le Rouge Parfum is more than just a lipstick collection, it’s where fragrance and beauty unite as one.

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