The New Clive Christian Crab Apple Blossom (2021) Takes You Back in Time

This refreshing Citrus Aquatic Perfume captures the signature spring flower Apple Blossom and exotic Marine Bergamot in its top for a sparkling first impression.

A fruity floral character is revealed in the heart offset against modern notes of sharp green rhubarb and a fresh mint and sugar accord, before settling into a base of creamy sandalwood and aquatically aromatic driftwood. A fresh, energizing citrusy yet soft perfume exploring 151 ingredients and a potent concentration of 25% for a lasting scent that trails on the skin like blossoming branches in the spring sunshine.

Discover the Scent: Crab Apple Blossom

Over time, the fragrance evolves to reveal the trilogy of complementary notes.

Top Note: Apple Blossom

The signature spring flower Apple Blossom is captured in the top, used for the very first time in a Clive Christian fragrance. An exquisite ingredient providing a mesmerising smell like a delicate kiss of spring.

Heart Notes:  Green Rhubarb

Green rhubarb adds a fresh bittersweet note, like a step into a quintessentially English garden. Both sharp and sweet, this brightening ingredient adds a modern expression combined with a mint and sugar accord.

Base Notes: Sandalwood & Driftwood

A sophisticated but powerful base is enhanced by creamy sandalwood of the finest sort, a sumptuous ingredient used in many of the Clive Christian perfumes. Enriched by aromatic driftwood, the base of this perfume forms a fresh, energising yet soft scent.

About the Crown Collection

The new Crown Collection from Clive Christian Perfume will bring to life archive and historic scents, reimagined for the modern day perfume connoisseur. Searching through the Crown Perfumery Company archives Clive Christian Perfume has researched some of the most infamous scents from this revolutionary British perfume house; loved by the aristocracy, politicians, artists and actors of the Victorian era and beyond. New fragrances inspired by the archives will be bought back to life, reinventing timeless fragrances that shook the world of perfume as far back as 1872, whilst remaining true to the Clive Christian traditions of concentration, complexity and a dedication to using the finest ingredients.

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