The New Casamorati Look, Styled With Awareness!

“With the 2019/2020 advertising campaign, CASAMORATI reflects a more fresh and dynamic look and feel, with the precise aim of also reaching the millennials as potential costumers.

Today, the brand gave life to a restyling of the packaging that reflects not only new style solutions but also, and especially, new solutions in the field of sustainability. Indeed, new generations are made up of critical, conscious consumers, sensitive to social and environmental sustainability,  even in the luxury sector, and this is why the need has arisen to rethink the use of our materials as well as their disposal.

The NEW CASAMORATI PACKAGING has been restyled and produced with 100% certified recyclable materials to respect the environment, but also was the packaging made smaller and lower in weight, which has a positive impact on its shipping and related transport consumption.”

The first four perfumes made with the new 100% certified recyclable material are Mefisto, Bouquet Ideale, Lira and La Tosca, in the size of 100ml Eau de Parfum, while the other fragrances from the collection will be repackaged and available in their new boxes soon.

Lira Eau de Parfum: A Mysterious Provocative and Talented Starlet

Lira is a femme fatale with gourmand vibes of caramel, sparkling citrus, refreshing lavender, and a soft spicy core composed of cinnamon and licorice delivering an intoxicating twist. Lira is a simple fragrance with an enormous impact. It has been amplified by the fine fresh scent of caramel and vanilla, supported by soothing blood orange that lasts until the dry-down, and deepened by soft spices. A clash of warm and sweet notes with juicy fresh fruits and narcotic Egyptian jasmine creates a sumptuously romantic base.

Mefisto Eau de Parfum: Fresh Dolce Vita

Fresh and light as clouds, the blue sky and the azure ocean, Mefisto is divine and soothing. It brings the splendor of classical Italian citrus-floral and woodsy perfumes. A heritage. Mefisto unfolds with the marine vibe of a citrus accord that includes divine grapefruit and bergamot, to sign its Italian identity. As the clean, green vibe turns into a joyous powdery and woody floral heart, the fragrance cruises to a prestigious and casual aura that has never been experienced before.

Bouqet Ideale Eau de Parfum: An Unforgettable Dream on a Romantic April Night

Full of life, full of romance, Bouquet Ideale is a combination of a powdery cashmere accord, enchanting vanilla and some cinnamon, after which a supreme touch of labdanum and amber deliver the picture of a dreamy breeze coming in from the Mediterranean Sea, on which the smell of flowers floats while the rocky seashores are smothered by the warm sunshine. Bouquet Ideale embraces you with a cozy yet flamboyant, dreamy and powdery aura.

La Tosca Eau de Parfum: An Ardent Bouquet With an Italian Opera Vibe

“La Tosca is the eponymous fragrance inspired by the famous opus of master composer, Giacomo Puccini, which illustrates the opulence and drama of the Art Nouveau epoch. La Tosca the perfume brings a compilation of lemon and eucalyptus in the opening that develops to a powdery, spring time violet-y, rosy and musky heart. It is a delicate yet strong feminine fragrance; a poetically floral and dramatic story trapped in a bottle.”

SOURCE: Fragrantica

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