Orto Parisi Megamare (2019): A Dreamy Sea-inspired Fragrance

There’s nothing like the transportive ability of fragrance to take you away to a time and place. And no one understands this phenomenon better than luxe Italian brand Orto Parisi, founded by master perfumer Alessandro Gualtieri back in 2014.

Specialising in visceral fragrances that connect to the “soul”, the brand’s latest drop, Megamare, is an aquatic-style fragrance dedicated to and inspired by the sea: “through the salty layers towards the deep, pristine prayers.”

Ingredients include: Ambergris, sea cucumber and seaweed, with the inspiration running even down to the bottle. Think watery glass casing, seashell iridescent top and stony green-flecked lid.

Perfume, piece of art, or both?

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