Music for a While (2018) by Carlos Benaïm: A New Perfume by Frédéric Malle

Over the years and through many trials, Carlos Benaïm and Frédéric Malle’s working relationship has developed into one of great professional intimacy. For Benaïm, who is celebrating his 50th anniversary at the International Flavors & Fragrance Inc. (IFF), it’s a collaboration that only enhances his extraordinary legacy.

Their latest creation, Music for a While, follows Eau de Magnolia with an oriental scent: lavender enriched with patchouli, amber and vanilla, as well as a trace of musk -the main ingredients have an effect so precise that any additional softening would be unnecessary. The almost classic structure defies expectations with overdoses of patchouli, lavender and ethyl maltol, along with a magnetic, unexpected hint of pineapple. A nod to the indulgence of Helmut Newton’s work; a scent that incites and rouses, stimulates and inspires.

A paradox by its very nature, Music for a While is ambivalent yet elegant -a provocative olfactory aesthetic with a name of myriad interpretations. Music for a While, a fragrance unbound by the sum of its parts, that lifts us up like an eternal melody. Music for a While, a sweet, madly addictive drug composed over time, like a song that swells with seductive power. Music for a While, a fragrance as classic as Henry Purcell’s very composition -from whence the name- yet deeply contemporary, like every one of Carlos Benaïm’s creations.

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