Enigma Aoud (2018) by Roja Parfums: A New Fragrance for Women

The new Enigma Aoud for Women by Roja Parfums is rich yet soft and fresh yet sweet – it holds a mysterious, deeply compelling aroma. Blossoming at the heart with a bouquet of fruity florals, this budding scent keeps things sugary sweet with powdery rose de mai and syrupy peach in the heart. Enlivening the scent and tempering the flowery notes is a refreshing blend of bergamot and geranium, helped by a soft base of smoky patchouli and sandalwood.

Enigma Aoud – where two olfactory universes collide. Enigma Aoud marries the sensuality of Enigma Parfum with the exoticism of Aoud, to create a totally new experience.” 

Roja Dove

Aoud Perfume (or Aoud Parfum) is a particular style of fragrance, containing the fragrance ingredient called Aoud, that originates from, and captures the mysterious exoticism of, the Middle East. Aoud Perfumes by Roja Parfums perfectly convey the luxurious essence of this Middle Eastern style of fragrance in our own distinctly modern and contemporary way.

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