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Rare and exceptional. These are the words best used to describe The Different Company. Every one of TDC’s fragrances are contemporary and unique, each containing ingredients so rare and precious they’re seldom seen in perfumery on any sort of scale. From the coveted Damascus Rose to the legendary Iris Pallida and delicate Chinese Osmanthus Flower, you’ll find each one of these perfumes to be nothing short of glorious.


For centuries, luxury has been synonymous with scarcity, quality, precision and inaccessibility. But little by little, it became popular, becoming more and more accessible and standardising the offer. The Different Company was born within this century, in a context where perfume lovers are turning away from the novelties of the big brands, which tend today to create juices intended to please the greatest number.

Based on this observation, The Different Company’s first creations appeared, developed by Jean Claude Ellena and Thierry de Baschmakoff. Not imposing costs or codes limits, exploring new territories, demanding excellence in raw materials and sillages, working with talented perfumers of international renown, expressing a signature luxury design: this is the vision of The Luxury Perfumery of The Different Company.

Today, The Different Company is: 1 designer, 3 collections, and 28 perfumes signed by 8 internationally renowned perfume designers. Always in the respect of the values established in 2000, The Different Company does not cease to challenge itself in order to create “Made in France” olfactory compositions, which are alwaysmore surprising and elegant than the last, and this, in a context of creation always so exceptionally free. The Different Company is the representation of an unconstrained spirit

Creative Team

Uncompromising in its dedication to luxurious ingredients (no matter what the cost) and unencumbered by what came before, TDC is already making history as a modern perfumery dedicated to true opulence and luxury of the senses.

Alexandra MONET

Enthusiastic and spontaneous, Alexandra has a sensitivity that allows her to put in perfume her emotions. After being a student from the perfumery school l’ISIPCA, she has done all her career at DROM. She enjoys the gourmet styles and the vibrant notes. Her favorite material is definitively Patchouli, she considers as a vibrant and magical essence. Besides, she created scented candles for the Plaza Athénée hotel in Paris and for Arty Fragrances…

Her collaboration with The Different Company has begun in 2013 with the creation of 4 candles: Songe, Apesanteur, Nuit Blanche (Collection des Rêves) and Wood (The Modern House). She continued with our anniversary perfume and d’Adjatay, cuir Narcotique from the collection Juste Chic in 2016.

Christine NAGEL

“It’s a unique experience to be able to create for The Different Company. The freedom of creation is a great proof of confidence on the part of this House and at the same time a real challenge” Christine Nagel, 2014.

Christine is a charming mix of science, Swiss precision and Italian generosity. She studied chemistry and began working in the chromatography department of a research laboratory. She then became a great perfumer driven by the love of beautiful natural and synthetical raw materials, and the never ending desire to discover new ingredients and new sillages. Optimistic and enthusiastic, Christine is guided by her emotions and inspired by people. The creation of perfumes is for her the best way to express oneself. She likes to take a raw material and to tame it… Modify the state of matter and divert it to a new unexpected form. She has won numerous awards for her olfactory creations over the years.


“Perfumery respects the tradition and stays on the two essential elements of the container: a bottle and a cap, that’s all. Pure design.” Thierry de Baschmakoff, 2011.

He was born by chance in Grasse which was the land of his father, Russian emigrant. Thierry’s family is rooted in tradition and Russian history since 1662. Following an initial training as an engineer, Thierry De Baschmakoff becomes interested in the world of fragrance and decides to develop his skills as bottle designer. He then becomes recognized as one of the best designer in this field, thanks to his talent and rigorous approach to design. He has created hundreds of luxury items for iconic Houses like Burberry, Bulgari, Christian Dior, Guerlain, Lanvin, Versace, Caron and many more. He then naturally develops his own agency Aesthete which explores tomorrow’s luxury.

As the co-founder of The Different Company he has conceived our exclusive bottles as well as all our objects including the design of the candles, always looking for a contemporary different style.


 “I compose my fragrances with the objective to create the best scent I can, without any constraint on cost or marketing.” Céline Ellena, 2004.

Born in Grasse in 1968, a city that epitomizes fine fragrances, Céline is the worthy daughter Jean Claude Ellena. Celine has been trained at ISIPCA school and creates fine fragrances since then. Her experience combined with her family environment makes her one of the best creative talent of her generation. She gets her inspiration from her memories and her travels, her encounters with people around the world. The shape of an object, the colour of a landscape, the shadows of a picture, nurture her for her creations. She then imagines the perfume like a seducing and surprising, one that also recalls memories.

It is during her collaboration with The Different Company that Céline Ellena explores dreamlike horizons and thus promotes the discovery of new olfactory sensations, while respecting her values: no cost and marketing constraints. 


“Creating for The Different Company allows me to express myself without any constraint and in complicity with the brand.” Émilie Coppermann, 2012.

Émilie is part of this new generation of perfumers who combines a great knowledge of classic perfumery combined with the practice of complex perfume composition with master perfumers. Her clearly expressed feminine sensibility and her knowledge of the noblest materials make her a perfumer of the new generation. At 14, Emilie Coppermann discovers her passion for perfumery thanks to her love of flowers. It is therefore natural that she pursued studies at the ISIPCA of Versailles to become a perfumer and make her passion her profession. More than a vocation, for Emilie, it is the total immersion in a perfumed universe that captivates and nourishes her for her creations. His talent is a direct result of his joyful, open world and unconventional nature. His sense of exploration and his uninhibited approach to olfactory experiences, gives him the creation of fragrances for both men and women.

In 2012, the collaboration between The Different Company and Émilie Coppermann began: a new approach to Cologne was born. Complexity, density and lightness are associated with the codes of Cologne behind an immediate approach. Her compositions for The Different Company are full of freshness and poetry that resemble her.


“I’m always looking for fragrances that do not exist yet, always keeping in mind that The Different Company focuses on the pleasure of discovering exceptional fragrances.” Bertrand Duchaufour, 2011.

Bertrand Duchaufour learns the perfume trade in Grasse, alongside Jean-Claude Ellena and Lucien Ferrero. He has been working for prestigious brands and clients for more than 21 years in groups specializing in olfactory creation. In 2007, he decided to go out on his own and become an independent perfumer. This epicurean creates a fragrance as a work of art. True expressions of life, his creations reflect the emotions of an era, but also timeless emotions, always specific to the human race.

It is particularly for the quality of his work on raw materials such as Oud, that it is a point of honor to use “in a very different way” and generous that Bertrand Duchaufour intervenes for The Different Company in 2011 So he participates in the creation of the Excessive Collection. For a real olfactory signature. In 2015, he created the latest fragrance from the Excessive Collection, I Miss Violet, an exclusive vegetable leather accord.

Jean Claude ELLENA

“These perfumes that I create for The Different Company have all a unique olfactory touch. They represent today the quest for fragrance perfection.” Jean-Claude Ellena, 2000.

Born in Grasse and son of a perfumer, Jean-Claude Ellena is very soon working for the perfume industry. He starts working at Chiris at 16 years old, then continues his studies at Givaudan in Geneva. He creates his first fragrances for well-known luxury houses (Van Cleef and Arpels, Bulgari, Cartier, Hermes, Cartier, etc..) who will rapidly become great success.

Co-founder and first fragrance composer to be part of the great adventure of The Different Company, he has decided to use natural raw material seldom present in fragrances and creates his difference, our difference. For Jean-Claude Ellena, fragrance formulas can be worked over and over for more than “100 times sometimes. Too much of this, not enough of that” the history of the fragrance you create can be always redesigned. Jean-Claude Ellena proposes olfactory objects that are rich with imaginary references but always pure, to the point, in a willingness to evoke reality rather than talk about it…


In 2004, Luc Gabriel took over The Different Company to develop the brand and its DNA. Luc’s first contact with the world of fragrances goes back to its childhood. His mother owned a perfumery in France and trained him in the secret world of beautiful scents. Citizen of the world, Luc was born in Paris, with direct ancestors who made history in Northern Europe and France and others in Haiti and Syria.

With a classic academic training (Sciences Po Paris and HEC Paris, Masters in Finance, Economics and Law at La Sorbonne) and a more artistic one (the art of Ikebana in Moribana style, fragrance creation, piano) Luc then worked as a banker, consultant in strategy for McKinsey & Cy and managed various internet and service companies. When he met Thierry de Baschmakoff he decided to embark on The Different Company’s amazing adventure. Since then he owns and manages the brand and is very much involved in the creation of fragrances. The company is now present in more than 40 countries with three cult perfume collections, and a unique luxury life style concept that includes Travel Sets, Home Fragrances, Bespoke objects.

Design, the Pillar of our House

The design of a perfume bottle often marks us as much as the wake of the perfume itself. Sometimes simple containing, sometimes real object of art, it incarnates the perfume which it contains and is thus the object of a very particular care. This idea is at the heart of the DNA of our House, whose unique design is signed by Thierry de Baschmakoff. For our High Perfumery House, Thierry has imagined a bottle whose pump is unscrewable to be able to recharge this object of art which should not be thrown, a glass bottle polished flame, high quality, signed a screen printing in platinum. Exclusively for The Different Company, he designed a unique and recognizable shape hood, a solid metal 3-level hood, the signature of our brand.

The ‘Nomadic’ Spirit

Thierry de Baschmakoff has also developed travel accessories that allow any perfume lover to take his favorite scents with him, in his local or more distant journeys, so that you are never separated from your favorite perfume. Thierry created the aluminum bottle, a real emblematic case of our brand, a ‘nomadic’ system in which we insert a 10ml bottle by unscrewing the base. Light and modern, it will adapt perfectly to your lifestyle, a lifestyle object, suitable for all situations. In keeping with the ‘nomadic’ spirit, this aluminum bottle can fit into our genuine lamb fragrance kit , along with two other 10ml travel sprays . This art of synergy, this attention to detail and refinement, are an integral part of the approach that Thierry has required since the creation of our House. Thus, the goal is to find the meaning of the exception, the expression of the most successful luxury, attaching as much importance to fragrances as containers.


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