The Origin of 111SKIN: The Story Behind the Skincare Superhero

The Origin of 111SKIN: The Story Behind the Skincare Superhero

When it comes to skincare, we want products that work. Products that deliver visible results, fast. And that’s exactly what you get with 111SKIN. But have you ever wondered about the story behind this skincare superpower? Let’s take a deep dive into the surprising origin behind one of the most talked-about beauty brands in the world.

The Birth of the Brand: Dr. Alexandrides’ Quest for Better Recovery

When it comes to innovating in skincare, you need someone with experience, passion, and a deep understanding of the way skin works. Enter Dr. Yannis Alexandrides. A plastic and reconstructive surgeon based in London’s prestigious Harley Street, Dr. Alexandrides was looking for ways to speed up the recovery process for his patients after surgical and non-surgical treatments. That’s when he realized there was a gap in the market.

There simply weren’t any products that could help his patients recover and renew their skin as quickly and effectively as his surgical techniques. So Dr. Alexandrides embarked on a mission to create a skincare line that would address this need. He partnered with advanced skin scientists and together they developed a range of products that soon became known as 111SKIN.

Loved by Celebrities: The Rise of 111SKIN

At first, 111SKIN was available exclusively at Dr. Alexandrides’ clinic, where it quickly gained a following among his celebrity clientele. Word spread fast, and it wasn’t long before 111SKIN became the talk of the town in London’s high-end beauty circles. Today, the range is sold in over 20 countries and is a firm favorite among celebrities and beauty influencers worldwide.

So what makes 111SKIN products so special? According to Dr. Alexandrides, it all comes down to the brand’s unique approach to skincare. The formulations are designed to work intuitively with your skin’s own healing process, rather than just offering surface-level results. But perhaps the standout product in the range is the Repair Serum NAC Y2TM, a superhero product that targets signs of aging and damage while restoring the skin’s vitality. It’s loved by skincare aficionados everywhere for its transformative results.

The Power of NAC Y2TM: A Revolutionary Ingredient

At the heart of the Repair Serum NAC Y2TM is a proprietary 111SKIN complex called NAC Y2TM. This scientifically-proven ingredient encourages glutathione production, which in turn improves brightness and promotes a more even tone. Glutathione is known as the skin’s master antioxidant, making it a key weapon in the fight against aging and damage.

But the power of the NAC Y2TM complex goes beyond this. The all-in-one antioxidant formula encourages deep-down cellular renewal, stops damage in its tracks, fortifies skin, and builds resilience to help protect it against future damage. Alongside active ingredients that reduce inflammation, support collagen production, and boost elasticity, the product is perfectly formulated even for sensitive skin.

Reformulated for Even Better Results

Like all innovative brands, 111SKIN is constantly improving its products. The Repair Serum NAC Y2TM has been reformulated to be four times more effective than the doctor’s original formula. This is thanks to advanced encapsulation technology that allows deeper delivery and enhanced efficacy of the NAC antioxidant. The result? Skin that is firm, radiant, and deeply replenished.

The true benefit of the Repair Serum NAC Y2TM is evident over 12 to 16 weeks, says Dr. Alexandrides. Not only does the serum have an immediate impact on the appearance of your skin, but it also delivers long-lasting results. Four times more effective than the original formula, this serum has quickly become one of 111SKIN’s signature products.

Discover the Origin of 111SKIN

When it comes to skincare, we want products that deliver results. And that’s exactly what you get with 111SKIN. But now, armed with the knowledge of the brand’s unique origin story, you can take your skincare routine to the next level. From NAC Y2TM to advanced encapsulation technology, 111SKIN’s products are designed to work intuitively with your skin, delivering transformative results that last.

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