CARON’s Scented Odyssey: A Lyrical Symphony of Global Fragrance Elegance

CARON's Scented Odyssey: A Lyrical Symphony of Global Fragrance Elegance

CARON’s perfumer, Jean Jacques, meticulously selects raw materials for the brand’s creations with a focus on olfactory excellence and responsible luxury. Partnering with the Monique Remy Naturals Laboratory, CARON sources natural and sustainable ingredients globally. From Lavender fields in France to Patchouli fields in Indonesia, CARON’s palette features five cherished ingredients, inviting enthusiasts on a world tour to explore their thoughtfully selected elements.

France: Lavender Love

Within the rich history of the House of CARON, natural lavender stands as an essential and defining ingredient. Notably, it takes center stage, overdosed at an impressive 61%, in the iconic POUR UN HOMME DE CARON. To ensure the unrivaled quality and traceability of CARON’s fragrant creations, CARON proudly collaborates with Jérôme Boenle, a lavender producer nestled in Sault, Provence. Every drop of lavender essence from France, meticulously harvested exclusively from Jérôme Boenle’s fields, contributes to the production of the Trilogy POUR UN HOMME DE CARON. This meaningful partnership not only reflects CARON’s commitment to craftsmanship but also honors its heritage. The House is renowned for selecting only the most exquisite lavenders, further enhancing the allure and distinctiveness of its fragrances.

Discover Lavender: Pour Un Homme de CARON Le Matin, Pour Un Homme de CARON, Pour Un Homme de CARON Le Soir

Turkey: Radiant Rose

In the heart of CARON’s fragrances lies the Rose from Turkey, distinguished by its prestigious certification—For Life. This certification not only underscores the exceptional quality of CARON’s flowery and lemony rose essence from Isparta but also signifies CARON’s commitment to responsible sourcing channels. As this exquisite essence becomes an integral part of CARON’s fragrances, it transforms them into a cozy olfactory cocoon. The fragrance, like a warm embrace, emanates from within and delicately sparkles on the skin, akin to the brilliance of a diamond. The ROSE IVOIRE DE CARON, CARON’s inaugural musk floral creation, not only showcases the unparalleled beauty of this certified rose but also pays homage to CARON’s rich heritage. This harmonious blend of tradition and innovation serves as a testament to CARON’s dedication to crafting timeless fragrances that evoke a sense of luxury and sophistication.

Discover the Rose: Rose Ivoire de CARON, ROSE CROQUANTE

Tunisia: Orange Blossom Bliss

The delicate and powdery perfume of orange blossom, derived from the Bigaradier or bitter orange tree, embodies both the innocence of childhood and the sensuality of women. CARON’s orange blossom is sourced through a enduring partnership facilitated by LMR with “Les Vergers de Tunisie,” internationally recognized for producing high-quality ingredients. CARON’s commitment extends to implementing improved cultivation practices, enhancing yields and wages, and minimizing the environmental footprint. Through farming contracts and traceability with local growers, CARON ensures fair and stable prices for their crops. Hand-picked in April, orange blossom holds special significance for CARON, symbolizing purity and virginity throughout history, such as in the marriage of Juno and Jupiter in mythology.

Discover Orange Blossom: Narcisse Blanc, Eau De Rocaille

New Caledonia: Sustainable Sandalwood

CARON sources an exceptional sandalwood from New Caledonia, emphasizing its ultra-contemporary character and responsible origins. Perfumer Jean Jacques ensures environmental preservation and biodiversity in New Caledonia by incorporating sandalwood into CARON’s fragrances. Through good agricultural practices, including crucial plantation efforts, we contribute to transforming the western arid zone into a fertile one while safeguarding the sandalwood trees. Partnering with LMR, we maintain a sustainable supply chain and support local economic and social well-being. This collaboration not only secures a top-tier sandalwood essence but also promotes equity, providing direct and indirect financial benefits to the local communities.

Discover Sandalwood: Santal Précieux

Haiti: Vetiver Harmony

Collaborating closely with Haitian vetiver producers, CARON became involved in the Vetiver Forward project through a partnership with the non-profit organization Heifer International in 2020. This initiative, supporting over 3,000 vetiver farmers through six cooperatives, contributes to CARON’s fragrances, including AIMEZ-MOI COMME JE SUIS and VÉTIVER INFINI. The 10% overdosed vetiver ingredient enhances farmers’ market influence, providing them with additional income for long-term improvements in their standard of living. Furthermore, this collaboration promotes sustainable agricultural practices, preserving soil health and biodiversity.

Discover Vetiver: Vétiver Infini, Aimez-Moi Comme Je Suis

CARON’s scented odyssey, from the lavender-kissed landscapes of France to the rhythmic beats of Haiti, is more than a fragrance collection. It’s a lyrical symphony, where each note is a verse, and each fragrance tells a tale of luxury, sustainability, and timeless elegance. Join us in savoring the essence of CARON’s commitment to a fragrant, sustainable world.

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