A Journey Through Lipstick Trends: From Classic Reds to Modern Matte

A Journey Through Lipstick Trends: From Classic Reds to Modern Matte

Lipsticks have been a woman’s best friend for ages. It is one of those magical items that can definitely make a huge difference to your look. Lipstick trends vary not only in colors but finishes and texture too. The classic reds and nudes have been replaced by metallics and lush mattes. This blog post is a walk down memory lane as we explore the different lipstick trends over the years.

Classic Reds and Pinks

Red and pink shades have always been a favorite among women. These shades were popular in the 1950s and 60s, with a bold and bright look to complement winged eyeliners and dramatic eye makeups. From then on, the lipstick industry has evolved across the spectrum, with the matte shades of brown and earthy tones creating a more natural look in the 70s and 80s.

The 90s saw minimalist makeup coming to the forefront with nude lips, a trend that would continue until the 2000s. In that era, bright reds and pinks made a wonderful comeback, thanks to icons like Rihanna and Gwen Stefani. Classic red and pink shades have great natural-looking hues that suit almost everyone, be it the bright and bold or more muted tones.

The Rise of Brown and Nude Shades

The 90s gave rise to brown and nude shades, thanks to films like Titanic. The movie character Rose left an indelible impact on the world of fashion, with natural-looking lips that quickly became a trend. The brown shades range from light to dark and give that edgy yet natural look. Meanwhile, the nude shades, available in different shades from cool, warm to neutral undertones, have become a popular lip color today. Nudes and browns were great for making an impact in fashion with subtle, muted looks, and remain popular for women who prefer to keep their lips natural-looking.

Go Bold or Go Home with Bright and Unique Colors

The modern-day woman is not afraid to experiment with unique shades of lipsticks. Whether it’s blue, green, or even black, women have become more adventurous with their lipstick choices. Bold and bright colors are now popular, thanks to brands like Fenty Beauty and Lime Crime. These brands have made it easier for women to embrace bold looks with unique shades and shades that range from light to dark.

Celebrities have also played a major role in promoting the use of unique lipstick shades. Nicki Minaj is famous for her neon-colored lipsticks, while Kylie Jenner’s line of lip kits includes bold and bright shades of lipstick. Women now have the freedom to go beyond the usual reds and nudes, making a statement that daring and bold lips have arrived.

Glosses and Matte Finishes – The Perfect Complement for Unique Lipstick Shades

The lipstick finish gives an overall impact on the look, and this aspect has become even more important in recent years. Matte lipstick became a popular trend in the 90s and continues to be today, with a very bold and edgy look for women.

Gloss and metallic finishes have become more popular in recent times, however. Gloss gives an added shine, is great for a natural-looking finish and is perfect for women who crave a wet and subtle look. Metallic shades are perfect for making a statement and come in different colors from gold to iridescent hues.

Lipstick remains one of the necessary staples of any beauty routine. The evolution of lipstick trends over the years has been as diverse as the fashion world. From classic reds to earthy browns and nude looks, to bold blues and greens, women have been able to make bold looks and experiment with unique styles. The beauty industry has come a long way with lipsticks, and the future looks exciting for its next phase.

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