The new tree-planting season has begun and the non-profit organization GreenCyprusCom, with the support of the Department of Forests, is once again organising regular events for restoring the green forest areas on the island. GreenCyprusCom this year offers the opportunity to individuals and businesses alike, to contribute to the environmental wellbeing of the island by adopting a tree.

GreenCyprusCom’s ‘Adopt a Tree’ initiative, aims to restore the island’s flora, and invites all environmentally conscious citizens to assist in this effort by sponsoring the purchase of a sapling and the provision of proper care for it to take root. The tree adoption consists of covering the charges of a tree, which amount to only €25 and includes the purchase of the sapling, digging and planting a whole with the assistance of the Department of Forests, and the ongoing watering and care during the first 3 crucial years of its life.

By adopting a tree – other than the pure feeling of satisfaction in knowing that you are paving the way for a greener future for the island – you will receive a tree-adoption certificate, a unique tree number, a special printed message upon your request for framing, a nameplate for your tree, as well as an invitation to one of the three tree-planting events set to take place in January, February and March, where you will be assisted in planting your sapling. GreenCyprusCom will take care of your adopted tree as it grows, through the years.

GreenCyprusCom, with the support of the Department of Forest, launched the reforestation project of the island in 2017 and, with the help of hundreds of volunteers, achieved to plant over 1000 trees along the coastline of Paphos by March last year. The NGO’s mission is to raise awareness about the island’s ecology and to plant over 30,000 trees, thus taking care of the long-term forest area development on the island. Committed to actively assist in the restoration and preservation of Cyprus’ ecosystem the organization brings together people who care about nature and are committed to reviving the island’s greenery by organizing regular reforestation events with the support of the Department of Forests.

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