Roja Parfums


Roja Parfums has become a name synonymous with luxury fragrance. Without compromise or regard to cost, Roja is renowned for only working with the world's finest quality ingredients. From redefining luxury and creating some of the world's most exclusive perfumes, Roja Dove stands as an internationally respected master perfumer, whose experience, passion and creative flair is palpable in all of his creations. Every aspect of his process is uncompromising and captures Roja’s central philosophy –“only the best will do.” Positioned as a globally recognised fragrance house, Roja Parfums ranks as one of the most successful perfume brand in Harrods’ history since the brand launched in July 2011. Renowned for its commitment to quality and only working with the finest quality ingredients - from the legendary rose de mai to ambergris - each ingredient in the Roja Parfums repertoire and luxury scented candles range has been hand-selected by Roja for its rarity and unparalleled scent.

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