Stop the Clock! The Two Ways in Which the Skin Ages and What You Can Do About It

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Sometimes we would prefer to stop time. If it is not because life as Max Verstappen is racing past us in his racing car, then it is to retain the youthfulness of our appearance a little longer. Because when aging comes wrinkles we don’t have to explain to anyone. But maybe the skin gets older in two ways. And maybe also what you can do about it; stop the clock!

The two ways of aging

In addition to the aging of the skin being influenced both by internal influences and by environmental factors, there are two more ways in which the skin changes. One way the skin ages is through biochemical changes. Sounds complicated, but especially means invisible aging. Hereby the skin gets less resistance and cell renewal decreases. For example, the production of new cells in a 70-year-old is half the cell renewal in young people.

The other way the skin ages is through biophysical changes. These are the visible changes such as wrinkles, loss of elasticity and thinning of the skin. You know them.

Stop the clock!

For that visible skin aging you can stop the time with the Time Stop – Day & Night Rebuilding Cream from Bergman Beauty Care. This is a rich, caring cream that is suitable as a day and night cream for mature and/or dry skin. Also a good helpline to use in the winter periods when the skin can use an extra boost.

Time Stop puts a brake on skin aging. The aging process is visibly slowed down thanks to Beta Glucan and vitamin A (Retinol) and the skin becomes firmer. Beeswax keeps the skin remarkably soft and supple. The resilience and moisture content of the skin are perfectly maintained.

The biological, active substance Beta Glucan in particular has surprising properties. The substance is extracted from the fermentation process of yeast. This is the key ingredient of Bergman Beauty Care. Beta Glucan has the perfect connection to your own skin molecules. This means that it supports the natural recovery process of the skin, helps to delay the aging process of the skin and helps to retain moisture. Amen.

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